Tuesday, September 1, 2015


SuperFit.asia is an integrative health, fitness and wellness company that we established earlier this month.

Now, one of the first products that we thought of listing on our website was Bamboo toothbrush. The reason – Everyone would keep saying ‘No To Plastic’ but the same people would sub-consciously put plastic as the first thing in their mouth – a plastic toothbrush.

Now we have all learned in school the impact of plastic on the environment and that it doesn’t break down well in nature. According to a study by NGC, about 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year – that’s equal to FIVE grocery bags per every foot of coastline around the globe.  Doesn’t that terrify us? We are seeing the impact of global warming in our times. We have realized that the problem is not that of our kids and grand kids. We have created the rut and we need to deal with the same.

Of course, plastics’ everywhere and the whole economy would tumble by even the thought of abolishing it. Which is why, we as consumers could move to small changes, changes that are easy for us to adapt to and collectively, are significant in nature. With close to 5 billion plastic toothbrush being dumped into the ocean, think about what an impact we would make if even 1/5 of the population switched over from plastic toothbrush.

Bamboo toothbrush lasts like regular toothbrush for anywhere between 12-15 weeks. Since the brush is made of bamboo, you can cut off the bristles after use and use the bare wood to reuse or dispose it in recycle bin. Within weeks it will return to the soil. Sweet, isn’t it?

Or mail us on care@superfit.asia for bulk orders. We’d be happy to help hospitals, hotels and institutions to be the change.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

$9000 to Join the Newest Social Network for the Rich

Money cant buy you friends, but it sure can buy you privacy. Imagine you are a celeb or a public figure, or just loaded with enough buck that doesn’t require you to engage with the lesser mortals. But then, the taste of social networking deprives you of making select friends on the Internet too.

The answer for the rich is here – Netropolitan. A social networking site for the rich which goes with the tagline, ‘The online country club for people with more money than time’. Netropolitan is a global online community for affluent and accomplished individuals worldwide to socialize in a private and secure manner.

The one time joining fee of $9000 gets you the access to create your member profile with subsequent annual fees of $3000 a year.

Netropolitan confirms their service is inaccessible from the public Internet, including search engines and all member transmission is encrypted. Presently the site is also ad-free and they would like to keep it the same. The site offers similar features and functionality as seen by other social networks including – status updates, following members, forums, groups, events, member search and more.

If you’re wondering how the site looks like without shelling out the $9000 fee, below are some screen grabs of the member section



So if you are someone who doesn’t mind shelling the bucks, go on and register, to start sharing your updates on the costliest wines you have sipped, or boast about your new set of sports wheels!

(Image courtesy: Netropolitan)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Farewell Orkut

The most famous & loved social network at one time among users of all age groups - Orkut shut down yesterday! According to a blog published by Orkut, the social networking site has comparatively seen the degrading traction on the website since a very long time. Whereas, the other ventures of Google like Youtube, blogger, Google+ etc have taken off and have reached the online audience on a larger extent.

In July 2014, Google had announced that they would be shelving Orkut in September 2014. Also, in bid to preserve the legacy of the closure, Google has decided to archive all the public communities, which is now available online.

Orkut.com now redirects to Google.com. If you’d like to see what’s happened to the website type orkut.google.com and here’s what you will see

There were several emotional and nostalgic posts and tweets by users whose first access to social networking was introduced by Orkut. Timelines and newsfeeds were filled with ‘Farewell Orkut’ and ‘Will Miss Orkut’ especially from Brazil and India.

A social network that enjoyed worldwide popularity and had seen finer days has shut shop, something not expected way back then. Surely enough lessons to be learnt for other social networks or even for that matter both enterprises and startups alike. Learn to evolve, innovate, predict and if all fails, gracefully step down.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#DidYouKnow This Facebook Feature

Its strange how some of the nicer and sweeter Facebook features are largely unknown or get lost among the bigger updates.  Here, I am talking about the Facebook Save feature.
This feature allows a user to save links, videos, news stories, places and music from the news feed to be viewed later. The feature was introduced a couple of months back for iOS devices and gradually for Android and Web versions.

Things to know about Save
  1. It’s private. Only the user who built this gets to see the list.
  2. Save doesn’t show in a page insights
  3. At this time, Facebook cannot target ads specifically to saved content
  4. Only Text posts cannot be saved for viewing later. 

How To Save & Access

Click on the top right corner of the post
Select ‘Save……….’
The post gets Saved in your list

To access the saved links, click on Save under your favorites column

Do you think this is a feature that could be useful to users for later viewing?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Modi’s Victory Tweet The Most Retweeted Tweet From India

May 16, 2014 was the judgment day for Lok Sabha elections 2014. The whole nation had eyes on the results. By the time counting concluded, Narendra Modi tweeted the below which according to Twitter India, has become the most retweeted tweet from India.

At the time of drafting, its seen that the tweet has received 69,520 retweets & 44,447 favorites & its still increasing. This shows yet again that people use Twitter as a voracious media to consume news and interact thereby. Of course, this also shows the countless supporters of the to be PM on Twitter to extend their best wishes. Narendra Modi himself has been a very active Twitterati and has used the power of 140 as an effective communication method to reach voters.